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Internship - an effective tool in the recruitment procedure

06.05.2013 Magazine "Праця і Закон"

The new «Employment Law», which gained in force on 1 January 2013, introduced new rules that governed the relationship between potential employers and prospective employees. Settlement of student internships on the legislative level became a pleasant novelty of this Law.

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Lawyers of Paritet Law Firm about: “Recovery Proceeding against Integral Asset: Extrajudicial Procedure”

04.04.2013 Edition "ЮРИСТ&ЗАКОН"

A new system of rights to real estate registration was introduced from the 1st of January 2013 in Ukraine. Nowadays new rules of registration are the most critical and interesting topic for discussion.

Lawyers of PARITET law firm tested the possibility of fast, efficient and, first of all, operative mechanism of mortgage charging order ex curia on the basis of mortgage clause.

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How to avoid mistakes during the process of dismissal?

11.03.2013 Журнал "Праця і Закон"

Hirer Offices of Personnel Management are well aware of legal subtleties of employment (hiring and dismissal).

In spite of this, very often employer’s compulsory decision to dismiss an employee passes ahead of necessary legal procedures.

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