Lawyers of PARITET law firm have defended the Client’s interests in the case concerning mortgage in the administrative court of appeal


Client - leading Group of companies on the domestic financial market.

The Client acted as a creditor of a powerful industrial mining group to the amount of more than $14 million. The obligation was secured by a mortgage of several large mining enterprises.

On the basis of mortgage provision of the mortgage agreement the Client has registered ownership to the property complex extrajuridically. Previous property owner found such actions illegal and appealed to the court to cancel the state registration of ownership of the Client’s property complex.

The Administrative Court rejected the debtor’s claim.

The debtor appealed the judgment in court of appeal. Lawyers of PARITET law firm have defended the Client’s interests in the court of appeal.

The Administrative Court of Appeal has left the decision of the first instance court without changes, consented the position of lawyers of PARITET law firm that while registering the Client’s ownership of the mortgaged property, the state registrar’s actions were legal and corresponded to valid current legislation at the time of such registration.

Thus, the Client secured the right to be the owner of the property complex, which changed ownership towards the repayment of the debts.


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