Lawyers of PARITET law firm successfully defended the rights of the Client in a dispute over debt collection under a loan agreement


Client is the leading producer of agricultural products.

Between the Client and the bank - the original creditor, a loan agreement has been drawn up, the claim for which in 2015 was assigned to another bank - a new lender.

In 2016 the bank - the new creditor appealed to the commercial court with a suit against the Client on debt collection under the specified contract. Based on the decision of the court of appellate instance in the said court case, the Client had paid off the debt in full.

However, in 2017, following the consideration of the bank's cassation appeal, the original creditor in the person of the authorized person of the Guarantee Fund of Individuals' Deposits, the Supreme Commercial Court of Ukraine handed the case for a fresh consideration.

Lawyers of PARITET law firm have developed a thorough legal position and successfully defended the rights of the Client during the new trial of the case in the court of first instance.