Lawyers of PARITET law firm have provided a legal advice on matters of currency control for import transactions


Client: large importer of dairy products

Under the supply agreement, the Client of PARITET law firm has imported the goods in Ukraine. The customs entry was registered more than 180 days ago. Contractual payment has been settled in part.

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Lawyers of PARITET law firm have defended the Client’s interests in the case concerning mortgage in the administrative court of appeal


Client - leading Group of companies on the domestic financial market.

The Client acted as a creditor of a powerful industrial mining group to the amount of more than $14 million. The obligation was secured by a mortgage of several large mining enterprises.

On the basis of mortgage provision of the mortgage agreement the Client has registered ownership to the property complex extrajuridically. Previous property owner found such actions illegal and appealed to the court to cancel the state registration of ownership of the Client’s property complex.

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Lawyers of PARITET law firm have defended the Client’s interests in Kyiv Court of Appeal in the case of property rights protection to premise in the object of cultural heritage


The Client is the owner of an object of social and cultural-mass purpose, which is located in the landmark in historical center of Kyiv.

Owner of the adjoint premises has conducted illegal construction work without obtaining appropriate permits and project documentation approval. Illegal construction limited the ability to freely use of the premise, owned by the Client.

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