The lawyers of the PARITET law firm defended the Client's interests in the appellate instance court case in the sphere of marriage and family relations.


The Client is a private individual.

The Client appealed to PARITET law firm for legal aid in the court proceedings on the payment of alimony and additional expenses for the child's maintenance.

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Lawyers of PARITET law firm have provided legal support to the procedure for the seizure of immovable property by a court order.


Client is a private investor.

The Client seeked the consultation regarding the arrest of his right to own immovable property.

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The lawyers of PARITET law firm have presented the Client a legal review regarding the possibility of carrying out a reconstruction of the real estate in Kyiv and a consultation on land tax issues in Kyiv.


The Client is the leading private medical clinic of the capital.

The Client purchased a real estate object in Kyiv and received a land plot under this object for use under a lease agreement.

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